Really bad hockey year.

Well the Sabres went from being the team with the best regular season record last year to blowing a game against Montreal tonight and failing to make the playoffs.  They’re in good company as they aren’t the first team to fuck up like that.  People can say what they want about losing Briere and Drury, but the Sabres were one of the top 5 goal scoring teams in the NHL.  What killed them was a weakend defensive core and a goaltender who redefines streaky.  If I were the Sabres GM I’d be looking to trade Miller over the off-season while he’s still under contract.  Pick up a couple solid defenders for him because, despite his serious flaws, he’s still highly regarded in the league.  There’s always a fair group of goalies in free-agency each year, and the Sabres should pick up a solid netminder.  They don’t need someone who can have amazing nights for them, they need someone who is stable – a goalie who you know exactly what to expect from night after night.  Miller is not that goalie.  I respect his ability, but I don’t think he has his head in the game enough to be a guy who can play 70+ solid games for you in a season.  Maybe a few more years and he’ll gain the consistancy he needs, but I don’t think the Sabres can afford to keep waiting for that year where his game settles down.