The Kubuntu of my dreams.

I had forgotten how much working with Linux can make my brain hurt.  I wanted to get my old desktop box up and running again and I decided to go with Kubuntu.  I actually have a VMWare container of it on my mac laptop which I play with from time to time, so I’m fairly familiar with it.  The only real issue I’ve run in to – and because of it haven’t had the chance to have any other issues – is wireless network connection.  This is actually a major downfall of many linux boxes due to the fact most of the wireless drivers are closed standards.  There’s ways around it, but it complicates things, and certainly makes linux an unattractive option to your average home user.  The essence of my issue has been in order to do what I need to in order to have an internet connection I first have to have an internet connection.  Crazy indeed.  Right now I seem to have found a temporary work around that should allow me to get everything working when I piss around with it again tomorrow.  Fortunately I didn’t need to plug it directly in to the router with a wired connection.  I was able to gank a neighbors wireless signal with a USB wireless device, and the install CD seems to be recognizing that connection (it wouldn’t connect with my wireless router while it had WPA enabled, and since I wasn’t keen on disabling it I was lucky to find an unsecured connection).  With luck after the install I’ll be able to download the packages I need to follow these instructions that I found for getting it to work with the wireless PCI card.

For now it is time to go to sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the basics setup on the box so I can start mucking around with the more serious things that I want to get up and running.

Yeah, there are some days that I do miss being a geek for hire.