The Gallery is Alive!

Well I decided against a Flickr Pro account since I’m paying to have my own website hosted I might as well take advantage of that and set up my own gallery. I’ve used the Gallery2 software before so I knew it would do everything I wanted.  It only took a little bit of work to get it running on the Media Temple servers, there were not hitches at all.  I had one little snag with MySQL, but that was simply my brain malfunctioning and not actually following the instructions for connecting to MySQL that they sent me when I set the hosting up.  Whoops!  After I actually read the whole e-mail it only required one little change and everything was up and running.  With this free download I’m able to upload pictures directly from iPhoto to the gallery.

My gallery of photos is easy to find:  I like to keep things as easy as possible.  Right now I only have pictures of the kittys up, but I’ll be adding more photos shortly.