AT&T losing (or giving up) its iPhone exclusivity?

The newest rumors in the mysterious Apple announcement on January 27th apparently come from an AT&T insider who claims that on the 27th Apple will announce that other carriers will soon have the iPhone available on their networks.  While Verizon is one of the more likely candidates, hardware issues make the current iPhones unusable on … More AT&T losing (or giving up) its iPhone exclusivity?

Home backup strategy

Sure, I’d love to have a nice tape backup system where I could rotate tapes on a regular basis, keeping a set safely offsite somewhere – but for my home life it’s unrealistic in terms of both time and money.  Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t take some reasonable precautions to make sure that my … More Home backup strategy

Princess? Really?

Recently there was a massive password breach at the social media provider RockYou.  32 million passwords were exposed.  Of course the most alarming part of this is that when the passwords were analyzed the following were the top ten most frequent passwords out a dataset of 32 million passwords (really, just can’t emphasize that size … More Princess? Really?

A Little Bit of Focus.

This blog has been a little bit personal, a little bit political, a lot of hockey, some technobable, and a lot of other things.  That’s just the way my mind has always rolled.  It jumps from one place to the next, seemingly at random.  While I certainly don’t consider this to be a bad thing, … More A Little Bit of Focus.

Starting a New Year.

Last year had its ups and downs in my life.  Not that its uncommon, but mine tended to fluctuate a little more between the extremes than I would have liked them to.  Today my grandmother passed away.  To say this year isn’t off to an exemplary start is an understatement.  But there is a lot … More Starting a New Year.