A Little Bit of Focus.

This blog has been a little bit personal, a little bit political, a lot of hockey, some technobable, and a lot of other things.  That’s just the way my mind has always rolled.  It jumps from one place to the next, seemingly at random.  While I certainly don’t consider this to be a bad thing, it certainly isn’t the most helpful thing if you’re trying to give your website a little bit of focus.

This main page is something I’m going to give some focus to.  I’ll go back to other more general posts in LiveJournal (though it’s possible I’ll start a second, more personal blog here on this website – a page off of this one or some such).

While there may be thousands of other tech focused blogs out there, I think that’s the path I’m going to go down with this one.  Even after leaving the professional IT field, I’ve always kept myself up to date on the technology, the issues, and all sorts of related things.  A lot of which I played with, but never really have had the chance to put in to practice.  As such I want to use this blog to help me get back in touch with my tech roots.  From time to time I’m sure I’ll post some things that aren’t exactly technology related, but hey, that’ll just be my slant, right?