Oh Comcast, you so silly!

Provide horrible customer service?  Constantly disconnecting users from the internet?  Charging highly obscene unadvertised penalties for users using too much data?  Throttling back network connections because your users dare actually use their available bandwidth?  All of this giving you a horrible corporate image that day after day takes more hits in the media?  If so, then there is only one way to make it all better, rebrand yourself!  Why bother actually addressing consumer problems and improving your network capability when you can spend all that money on changing your name!  IN ALL CAPS!  XFINITY!

This is the reason that the US is lagging behind the rest of the modern world in home network infrastructure.  The so-called “gate keepers” of the internet have no real desire nor incentive to fix the ever growing list of network problems.  Because there is a severe lack of provider options in this country, and little to no regulation, companies use rebranding tactics in an attempt to dazzle people in to forgetting their internet sucks.

Nice try, but your 90’s edgy naming attitude ain’t going to cut it Com… er XFINITY.