What, me be evil?

I’ve mused before about Google having power because of their access to amazing amounts of data.  Well one of the things I feared seems to be a step closer to reality.  It appears Google and the NSA are formalizing an agreement to work together.  The motives, on their very surface, seem innocent and practical enough.  The NSA is going to help Google by giving them access to data of corporate hacks so that they can dissect them in order to find ways to protect their own network.  Certainly that doesn’t sound all that evil.  Still, the NSA hasn’t exactly endeared itself to the American public after evidence of massive warrantless wiretapping of the population were brought to light.  The more paranoid amongst us might see this as a step on a slippery slope of the NSA having access to an extraordinary amount of data that could be mined for all sorts of personal details that go far beyond the scope of simply ease dropping on phone calls.

Remember people, privacy isn’t ever going to be a valued commodity until we say enough is enough and make it one.  Exercise your power and your freedom of speech whilst it’s still available to you.