Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Google has been addressing users privacy concerns in regards to Google Buzz.  Not only have they worked to amp up the privacy settings (at least attempting to put them on par with rivals), they added an option that allows a user to completely remove Buzz from there account – taking with it any posts or updates that were made as well as removing that user from the list of anyone who might have added them in Buzz.  Kudos to Mountain View for taking the problem seriously and adding a way for people who have no interest in to to be removed completely.

From your GMail account you can go to settings.  Select the Buzz tab, then click on the link for “Disable Google Buzz”.  This will take you to a page to confirm that you really want to do it.  Once you confirm it, that’s it, it’s all gone.

How to diable Google Buzz