Qualifying Life Event

I can’t believe that its been as long as it has since I last updated here. I had been on quite a roll, but in my defense life got a little bit topsy turvy.  Gabriel was born on March 4th and since then life has pretty much been in chaos. It’s been the good kind of chaos though.  Still its left this blog a little bit in the lurch.

I found in the past month I’ve used Twitter (meh) and Facebook (blah) quite a bit more.  In some ways they are a little bit interesting for instant gratification.  Well now it’s about time to start tying the different parts of my online life together.  First off I’ve started out with a bit of Twitter and LiveJournal integration.  In theory this post will get put on both my LiveJournal and referenced in a tweet automagically.

My next step is to work on Facebook integration, and after that I’ll start working on some Flickr integration.  That might mean I’m in for another theme change, and if so, then so be it.  Still, it’ll be nice to get back in to the habit of playing with WordPress while also adding a little bit of organization of my online persona.

In the meantime, for those looking for some pictures, check out my Flickr photostream.