Pre-Cup Thoughts.

I’ve been silent lately.  Not only have I been stunned by the Sabres absolute dismantling by the Senators, but life has been hectic.  Between the Sabres lack of inspiration, and the Senators amazing defensive prowess I was absolutely taken back.  The Senators should be congradulated for doing what no one expected them to do, and making their first ever Stanley Cup appearance.  Of course the Ducks are making their second cup appearance so in a couple of weeks one team is going to win their first ever Stanley Cup.  I’m torn over this matchup, and honestly, I’m not going to make any prediction as I had expected a Sabres v. Wings cup since day one.  Obviously I’m just out of whack on this one.  I’m also conflicted who I’m pulling for so I’ve decided what I really want to see is a 7 game series where every game is decided by one goal.  If there’s any slight bias I’d have to say I’m pulling for Ducks – not because they beat the Sabres, but because I despise Danny Heatly (something that may be discussed at a later date, but  most people who know me know why).  Still, as long as it’s a good series I won’t be upset no matter who wins this years cup.

Hey, there’s only about 180 days until the start of the next season.