The Best of Intentions.

I always have the best of intentions to update this site with far more regularity, especially after all the issues (technical and political) with LiveJournal these days. Of course I haven’t exactly updated that with any regularity either other than to remind people of various Ithaca Beer going ons. I’m sure not really many people read this, which is entirely understandable with how infrequently it has been updated. Though with a good RSS aggregator it saves you from always checking a site for new posts(I love NewsFire, one of the numerous pieces of shareware I’ve registered these days).

Of course on the theme of updating people about events I’ll take this moment to plug our event at Felicia’s Atomic Lounge tonight. Tonight at 7pm Ithaca Beer Co. is having our release party for Kaffinator – a Double Espresso Bock. It’s a beer we collaborated with Gimme! coffee to make. It’s damn good, especially for anyone who loves coffee. There’s closing in on a shot of espresso per bottle. I have the feeling this will be the best release party we’ve thrown in Ithaca yet!