Two in a row.

I wouldn’t go an say that this is a trend – two posts in a row – it might very well end up being yet another anomaly, but I am trying. It’s not that I don’t always have things to say, hell when in doubt I always have something to rant about. It just seems that being in front of the keyboard and these moments of deeper insight never seem to coincide. But it’s slow right now, so I’ll try. Of course, as I said, I can always rant about something so I think I’ll stick with that for now.

Without further ado, things that have pissed me off already today (mind you I’ve barely been awake 2 hours) in no particular order:

People who follow me through the door when I first get to work. I get to work before we open so that I can set things up and get things ready for when I put out the open flag at 11. Just because I’m walking in doesn’t mean that we are now open and you should be free to come in. When a place opens at 11, it means quite simply, at 11 you can come in and conduct your business. No sooner than that. It might seem trivial to you, but if you come in and keep me from setting up, when it turns 11 and the customers who come when they are supposed to show up I end up not having anything set up, the place gets chaotic and I spend all day just trying to manage some kind of order. So seriously. 11. It’s not hard.

People who think that 8am is a perfectly acceptable time to use loud power tools outdoors. I don’t care that you’re up bright and early and ready to start your day. Save the loud shit for a little later in the morning. This goes doubly so on weekends. Get over yourself, you’re not Bob Vila, whatever you’re making is probably going to suck anyway.

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, but all black sneakers are bad enough.. all black sneakers with black socks pulled up to your knees, black shorts, black shirt and pasty white skin is not a fashion statement. However, if you were going for that awkward emo kid look – well no, you had to have been in your 40’s. You’re a waste of good air.

The fucking RIAA trying to raise the prices on internet radio stations thus killing sources of damn good music rather than the three songs played again and again by the craptastic commercial mainstream media. You know what, there’s a ton of awesome local bands out there providing us with free or cheap music, I will sooner go scour the net for them before I will listen to your commercial laiden shitty ass, media friendly music you try to feed us. Do you know why your sales are failing? Because the bands you sign SUCK.

Customers who come in early in the day and then try to pay for a six pack with a hundred dollar bill. First off there’s no way I can make change for that first thing in the day. Secondly, I saw that big wad of other smaller bills stuffed in your wallet. So what does this person do? “Oh, sorry, I don’t have anything else.” then proceed to put the six pack away and walk out the door. Retail really is a great life lesson in why people suck. A mass plague/pandemic actually doesn’t sound all that bad after dealing with people like that.

People getting married on 07/07/07. Seriously, if you think you need luck to get your marriage off on the right foot you should reconsider the whole idea. Just a thought.

That about covers it for now. It’s a long day ahead of me, and we’re going in to a weekend when a lot of people are going to be doing holiday parties so I’m sure it’ll be an adventure. But Denise finally returns home tonight. I don’t work this weekend. And I have a fresh keg of beer in the kegarator. I just have to survive today.