Didn’t see that one coming!

Yes, the title of this post is sarcasm.

Scooter Libby’s sentence is being commuted. A man who has been found guilty of all kinds of misuse of power is now being freed by the master of misused power. The only difference is Bush isn’t doing anything illegal, just really stupid. At this point I think his own political party might be the group that hates him the most as he is single handedly destroying the GOP’s chance of winning the next election. Between him and a vice president who can’t decide what branch of the government he wants to belong to this day there is no public support left for the GOP. If they have any chance of salvaging what is left of their party they need to be the ones to step up to the plate and pry the madman from his thrown.

With politics being all about the status quo these days we know that’s not going to happen. It’ll be business as usual, and I’ll just keep hoping that nothing else goes to hell in the next year and a half.