The Holiday Week.

It’s strange when a holiday falls in the middle of the week. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, and thankfully we’re closed on the 4th. So that means I work Monday and Tuesday, I have a day off, then I work Thursday and Friday, then I have my normal weekend. It’s certainly nice to break a week so that it can’t get too stressful when you’re only working 2 days in a row on either side of a holiday. Though I think I’d much rather have a long weekend instead. There’s just this intangible something that makes 3 days weekends that much more relaxing. It’s like the relaxation increases exponentially with the number of days off in a row you have. It also would have been really nice because Denise was gone all last week and damned if I didn’t miss her something fierce. I guess that just goes to show things are still working that well.

The big event of this weekend was Friday night. I stopped at Lowe’s on the way home from work to purchase a brand new charcoal grill. I love this thing! 800 square inches of cooking surface for making the yummiest charred meats! Denise and I assembled it Friday night but by the time we were done it was a little late to start cooking. Saturday I grilled some very delicious steaks on it. Sunday we made hamburgers. I forgot how much better meat tastes coming off a charcoal grill rather than propane. Sure, propane can be convenient at times, but flavor-wise it leaves a lot to be desired. Next up will be Wednesday when I grill any kind of meat (and probably some non-meat things too) that I can lay my hands on. A couple of people are coming over for the 4th but I get the feeling I’ll cook enough to feed a small army. I love grilling. Sometime soon I’m going to do some nice smoked BBQ on it – probably pulled pork. Delicious!

For now I’m avoiding the rant about the Sabres and this horrible start to an off season, but I figured I’d wait until I’m not quite frothing at the mouth on this one so I can try to analyze things a bit. Of course if I read anymore of these news stories about it I’m sure the upcoming rant will manage to be extra-frothy.