The Simpsons.

So tonight for Denise’s birthday we went out to see the Simpson’s movie.  I was really worried about this film as I love the Simpsons.  I’ve adored the show ever since the first time I caught an episode of it.  When I lived with Brian and JC it was one of only a couple of shows that we could both agree on.  So of course I was worried the film would fill like they were trying to drag out one long joke for 90 minutes, or that it would be a rehash of things they’ve done a million times.  Maybe the jokes would be stale, or the transition to the big screen would just fall flat.I’m happy to report that everything turned out all right.  The wit was there.  The stupid humor, the deeper jokes referencing all aspects of pop culture were carefully woven in to the script as they have been through the past nearly two decades of the show.  The slow moments were perfectly timed to give me the chance to catch my breath before breaking in to the next marathon of laughter.  The best part was they didn’t try to be a big screen movie.  They were the Simpsons, pure and simple.  They were the four fingered yellow family that we’ve come to love for their dysfunctional values.  Right from the beginning FOX studios intro until the last credit finished rolling up the screen it was pure Simpsons.