Put down the whistle.

The Penguins v. Rangers game frustrated me – and not just because every other sentence the announcers uttered had to be about Sidney Crosby (who has what, zero points so far in this series thank you very much), but by how one-sided a lot of the calling was.  The worst offense was the quick whistle by the official in the third period – I’m talking about the quick whistle that wiped out the Rangers goal.  From the camera over the referees shoulder you never lost sight of the puck except when it went through the goalies five hole and in the net.  This is when he blew the whistle, the tiny fraction of a second it was passing under the goalie.  If the refs are supposed to blow the play dead that quick then all five hole scored goals should be disallowed. It was pretty damn pathetic.  This makes twice tha then Penguins were aided in the waning moments of the game by highly suspect and amazingly bone-headed calls by the officials.

I despise the Rangers.  I hate to think of them winning.  But damn I hope in the next game Sean Avery puts Crosby through the glass… and maybe takes one of the officials with him.  It’s absolutely disgusting how they have washed out good hard play, and showed a clear preference in their rulings.

Bullshit Officialls Union.  You need to clean house.