Big Ithaca win at 2008 TAP NY

I’ve had to write this in a hundred different places for work, but I really felt it was worth mentioning here as well.  Over the weekend the 2008 TAP-NY took place.  It’s a festival that celebrates New York State craft beers.  In 2006 we took home the Silver medal for DoubleIPA, and last year we came home empty handed.  This year however we won big.

  • The F.X. Matt Memorial Cup for New York State’s best Craft Brewery
  • The Gold Medal for ‘TEN’, our tenth anniversary ale, a crazy strong super hopped up Red Ale that makes the Cascazilla nothing more than a whimper in comparison.  It’s part of our Excelsior! series (the 750ml bottles)
  • The SIlver Medal for ‘Flower Power’, our signature IPA.  This has always been a rock solid beer for us, and its been an especially good year for this beer.  Reaching the final four in the National IPA challenge, and now this!

Right now I’m exceedingly proud to be working at the Ithaca Beer Company.  Everyone there has been working their asses off to make the beers the best they can be and it’s always good when you get a little recognition for that.


One thought on “Big Ithaca win at 2008 TAP NY

  1. I love IPA. I am from Buffalo which means I am a die hard Sabres fan as well. I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog as I was googling the effects of drinking with a cold, your “drinking beer in the cold” section came up. I would love to hear about your work man. Send me an e-mail


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